I help clients tell their story to the world… and not just with words. Storytelling, whether you live it, say it, or write it, is everywhere.

When I help a client build their marketing and branding through website content or blog posts, I want my client’s customers to understand and trust who they are working with. That means choosing content that resonates with those customers.

I am also a enrollment consultant for high ticket programs. At any given time, I work with only one or two highly successful clients (business leaders and coaches) to increase their sales and conversion rates. I help my clients’ customers by understanding their story so they can make the transformation they desire in their life, whether this change is personal or professional.

I believe if you have a burning desire to achieve a goal in your life, then the first step is to make it happen. After all, the hardest part is to begin the first chapter. But once you get started, you keep going. If you are currently looking to increase your sales, send me a message and we’ll book an appointment. I’d like to hear from you!

Meanwhile, here’s a summary of some of my accomplishments so far:
• Author for work-related educational books
• Copywriter for website content and blog posts
• Technical writer and editor for manuals and industry-specific publications
• Marketing for businesses
• Curriculum development for workers
• Workshops for employees and entrepreneurs
• Certified high ticket closer for programs