High Ticket Sales

Building relationships and trust is critical for your business, particularly with high ticket sales. If your business offers a high ticket program or product, a high ticket closer can help you close your clients, freeing your time to work on other aspects of your business.

What is a high ticket closer (enrollment consultant)?

A closer is like a consultant. They build up a relationship with your prospect and qualify them for your service by asking questions to find out if your prospect and your service are a good fit for each other.

Why work with a closer?

You are currently a successful coach or influencer with an established marketing funnel. Prospects have found you on social media, or your website, and watched your webinar. They have some idea who you are, and would like more information about the high ticket packages you offer.

You have so many prospects that a closer could help qualify your prospects for you and close them on your services, helping you with the enrollment process, and freeing you to spend time with your clients.

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