Writing & Editing

Writing is an extremely permanent form of communication. It’s important to get the spelling, grammar, and message right. The message, especially, needs to be crystal clear. A ghost writer or editor can help you with eBooks, website or blog copy, trades magazine articles, emails, and more.

My writing and editing services include:

  • Online content for your website or blog.
  • Content for your trades magazine article, how-to guide, or technical manual.
  • Interviewing subject matter experts for book, magazine article, or technical manual content.
  • Mentoring to improve your writing.
  • Substantive editing of book projects ranging from 20 to 50 pages in length (organization of chapter contents, effectiveness of headings, advice on graphics).
  • Copy editing: cross checking of facts and details, grammar, punctuation, and other minute but important details.
  • Editing for branding, point of view, and marketing.

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