Writing Services

Are you a busy professional or business owner who doesn’t have the time to organize your business operations or share your expertise? We can help to develop manuals to update your team’s skills or improve the efficiency of your team’s operations, or write that book to raise your credibility and visibility in your field.

Here are the writing services we offer businesses and entrepreneurs: 

Onboarding for New Employees

  • Employee training and onboarding manuals.
  • User guides for new hire procedures.
  • Leadership and mentorship training course content.
  • Employee skills assessments.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and User Manuals

  • How-to guides to explain your service or workflow processes to clients.
  • Standardized operating procedures for your entire team, whether you operate out of one office or multiple locations.

Training Guides and Non-Fiction Books

  • Workbook and course manuals that share your professional expertise with your audience. You’ve become an expert in your field. Now it’s time to share your knowledge and skills with your audience.
  • Non-fiction books to share your professional expertise with your audience. You’ve been teaching your fans on social media, and now it’s time to consolidate your lessons in a print book or PDF.

Skills Assessment and Course Development

  • Customized courses for your team to update or upgrade their skills. The training is specific to your company, using industry-specific terms and practices, and skills with immediate application.
  • Standardized assessments to find gaps in your team’s skills so you can design customized training to address those gaps and improve team performance.