Instructional Design Services

Creating a course can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to start. We can help with content development and lesson planning. Your situation may be urgent and you require skills updating or upgrading to address a skill gap on your team. Or you want to establish your credibility in your field by creating a course to share your expertise. We’ll create the training materials you need.

Here are the instructional design services we offer businesses, entrepreneurs, and educators:

Course Development and Instructional Design

  • Course content such as lesson plans, lesson activities, and teachers’ guides
  • Course workbook developed from blog posts or best-selling book
  • Workshop content and teachers’ guides
  • Leadership and mentorship training

Training Materials and Content

  • Handbooks and new-hire training and onboarding manuals
  • How-to-guides and procedure manuals
  • Skills upgrading specific to the needs of your company or industry
  • Workshop and presentation content


  • Assessment of your team’s current skills to find skills gaps 
  • Creation of online skills assessments to assess specific skills gaps or assess suitability for specific jobs
  • Assessment of employee skills and design course content to improve those skills