Pandemic Year Fashion: What to Wear New Year’s Eve

What will you be wearing to say goodbye to 2020 and to usher in the new year? After nearly a year of working from home and spending most days at home, I’m craving sparkly party dresses, heels, make up, and a night about town. A return to the normal, so we can pretend this past year never happened.

Reality has different demands. In this part of the world, large parties have been cancelled and at-home celebrations with immediate household members have been encouraged. That demand from health authorities may be a relief to some.

Especially in a year of economic hardship, this year may be more difficult than in the past to out-do yourself with party planning. Elegant New Year’s Eve wear and extravagant NYE events can be stressful for more than your pocketbook. Now we have an excuse to tone it down and not spend hundreds of dollars on fashion and venues.  

If you’re planning on your party at home with your family and household, will you be dressing up for a night about town home? I want to be optimistic about the coming year. We all want life to return to normal.

Let’s celebrate that and put on our best New Year’s Eve party wear. For you, that may be New Year’s Eve formal black tie or cocktail wear. Or it might be your best shirt and jeans. Doesn’t matter. Mindset is what matters on the inside. On the outside, we project what we believe. Let’s look our best to say goodbye to 2020 and an optimistic hello to 2021.

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Year Fashion: What to Wear New Year’s Eve

  1. I stayed home and decided to dress up anyway just for fun since I do it every year. I didn’t dress up too much but I did put on some makeup and wear a cute but casual outfit since I was going to hang out with friends on Zoom.


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