Insights from Bestsellers: Pandas and Punctuation

Does punctuation matter? The answer can be found in this story about a panda that walked into a cafe, ordered a sandwich, ate it, and fired a gun into the air. Why did the panda do such a thing? The answer lies in a badly punctuated manual with a definition of “panda”: “Large black-and-white bear-likeContinue reading “Insights from Bestsellers: Pandas and Punctuation”

3 Ways to Increase Your Income If You’re Self Employed

One of the biggest challenges of being self-employed is doing everything yourself, from the actual work to accounting to marketing your business. Eventually, the self-employed want to become successful enough to get a steady workflow and make their ideal income. Some self-employed freelancers or business owners stop there, but others want to reach higher. TheirContinue reading “3 Ways to Increase Your Income If You’re Self Employed”

3 Quick Tips for Checking Your Own Writing

If you do any amount of writing at your job, then this article is for you. Whether you write emails to clients or reports to document projects, it’s important to do a final check before hitting Send or Print. There is nothing more horrifying than spotting a glaring error right after you have sent offContinue reading “3 Quick Tips for Checking Your Own Writing”