Business Etiquette for Entrepreneurs

Life would be a little too easy if we could become an expert at one skill and then build a thriving business around it. Once we’ve figured out what we want to do, and we are open for business, we still have to market ourselves; otherwise, we may find ourselves waiting. Waiting like we doContinue reading “Business Etiquette for Entrepreneurs”

Common Math Mistakes People Need to Stop Making

Remember how you were always told to pay attention in math class? If you did, then you wouldn’t have been caught making these common math mistakes. Take a look at these real-life marketing examples and see if you can catch where the math went wrong. Math Mistakes that Cost Money Remember when your math teacherContinue reading “Common Math Mistakes People Need to Stop Making”

Powerful Persuasive Writing Tips You Should Know

Think of the last time you saw an ad that almost persuaded you to buy something you didn’t even need. Well-crafted words can be very convincing and powerful. They can influence your decisions. Here are some powerful, persuasive writing tips you should know to write copy that convinces your reader to buy from you. First,Continue reading “Powerful Persuasive Writing Tips You Should Know”

Metaphor vs Simile vs Analogy: What is the Difference Between Them?

If you could paint a picture with words, what would that image look like? Writers use many literary devices to raise the quality of their descriptions from good to amazing. Three of these devices are metaphor, simile, and analogy. What are these three devices, and what is the difference between each of them? Let’s takeContinue reading “Metaphor vs Simile vs Analogy: What is the Difference Between Them?”

Signs You’re a Bad Writer… and How to Improve

What is a bad writer? I’ve looked at over a handful of articles in search of an explanation of what makes a bad writer, and everyone seems to have a different point of view. Some say it’s the attitude to writing, and others say it’s poor writing skills, such as bad grammar and punctuation. WritingContinue reading “Signs You’re a Bad Writer… and How to Improve”