Skills Insight of the Day #11 Hugging at Work

Should you hug, high five, or fist bump your coworker? Hugging is a personal preference. Some people are huggers, while others prefer not to hug anyone who is not a close friend or family member. Not sure about what your coworker prefers? Ask for permission or pay close attention to clues. For example, your coworkerContinue reading “Skills Insight of the Day #11 Hugging at Work”

How to Find the Perfect Mentor

When you’re busy building a business while juggling family and social life, it’s hard to find time for career-related training. One way to improve your business knowledge is by taking a course or program. Another is to read many books. However, one of the most effective ways is to learn from a mentor who hasContinue reading “How to Find the Perfect Mentor”

8 Tips for Launching a Successful Startup Company

Garages and basements, not tall glass buildings, are are the birthplaces of business legends like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Startups may have humble beginnings, but they have the potential to grow into multimillion-dollar corporations with the right combination of people, goals, and financing. If you’re starting a startup company, you’ll need to consider theseContinue reading “8 Tips for Launching a Successful Startup Company”

Why You Should Charge More to Keep Customers Happy

What should you do when your competitors charge cheaper rates? Should you lower your rates to stay in the game? Charging less may make sense, but it isn’t the best solution. The simple answer is you should charge more.  Here’s why. Think about how much money you save by buying a cheap pen at the dollarContinue reading “Why You Should Charge More to Keep Customers Happy”

TikTok Personal Finance Influencers that Entrepreneurs Should Know

How much financial knowledge could you learn from a 15 to 60 second TikTok video? You might think that TikTok is an unusual source of financial advice, but it has been growing in popularity recently. This trend does prompt a question: Does it matter where you get your financial education? Statistics about financial literacy areContinue reading “TikTok Personal Finance Influencers that Entrepreneurs Should Know”