Insights from Bestsellers: Pandas and Punctuation

Does punctuation matter? The answer can be found in this story about a panda that walked into a cafe, ordered a sandwich, ate it, and fired a gun into the air. Why did the panda do such a thing? The answer lies in a badly punctuated manual with a definition of “panda”: “Large black-and-white bear-likeContinue reading “Insights from Bestsellers: Pandas and Punctuation”

10 Quick Grammar Tips that Make You Look Smart (Part 2)

Grammar is a tricky subject, wouldn’t you agree? Even if you write every day and love your grammar (maybe), you’ll find that rules change. English is a living language, and what wasn’t correct before can become accepted! On the flip side, some mistakes are repeated so often that people think they are correct when theyContinue reading “10 Quick Grammar Tips that Make You Look Smart (Part 2)”

Why Is Editing Important?

If you do any writing for your job or business, you need to read this. Editing is an important step in the writing process, and it’s more than checking for typos. A lot more because of what’s at stake. Editing can prevent the awkward situations that result from typos, and it can prevent confusion fromContinue reading “Why Is Editing Important?”