Editing Services

Looking for help to polish your writing or clarify your message to your audience? Whether you’re writing a book, creating a course, writing a report, or publishing online, you want to look as professional as possible.

Here are the editing services we offer businesses, entrepreneurs, and authors:

Developmental and structural editing

We take a big-picture view of your writing project, whether it is a book, report, or presentation. We’ll help you check that the flow and development of ideas make sense, and your writing engages the interest of your audience.

Developmental editing, also called structural editing, involves any of these elements:  

  • revising, reordering, cutting, or expanding what you wrote
  • expanding or writing original content
  • clarifying the plot, characters, or thematic elements (for a novel or short story)
  • deciding if permissions are necessary when using facts, data, quotes from third-party material
  • ensuring that content, language, and style suit the audience and purpose of the material

Copyediting and line editing

We’ll look for grammar and punctuation mistakes to ensure your work looks professional and polished. We’ll also check for awkward sentences and weak wording to make sure your writing is clear and makes sense to your readers.

  • editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage
  • checking for consistency and continuity of mechanics and facts
  • editing tables, figures, and lists
  • checking information for accuracy
  • checking for consistency for language (Canadian spelling for a Canadian audience, converting to Imperial measurements for an American audience)


Time for the final touches to your project! We’ll do a light edit to check that minor grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes weren’t missed, and to see that your writing is ready for publication or presentation.

  • checking all elements of the document are in proper order
  • changes have been made and amendments have been inserted
  • checking for minor mechanical errors (such as spelling and punctuation mistakes)
  • consistency and accuracy of elements in the material (such as cross-references, headings, captions, and hyperlinks)
  • adherence to design (consistency in font style and colour)

Coaching for new and published authors

Ready to write your first book but you’re feeling nervous about the process? Or you might have published books already but you appreciate having another set of eyes to check your book is at the highest standard it can be. We’ll help you work on your book in stages until your non-fiction project is complete. The coaching includes:

  • Determining your audience and audience expectations
  • Story map or outline of your book
  • Setting deadlines for each chapter
  • Editing and feedback on each chapter
  • Book cover and illustrations for your book (service via collaborator)
  • Guidance for getting your book published
  • Marketing plan for your book (service via collaborator)