5 Ways to Get People to Remember You

Let’s get people to hire you because they remember you and you’re hard to forget. As an entrepreneur, you want people to buy from you because they trust you and know your name. To help you achieve that goal, here are five ways to get people to remember you.

1 Say the Other Person’s Name

After meeting someone, say their name during your conversation as soon as possible. Repeat their name again at the end, closing with, “It was nice meeting you, (name).” People like to be remembered, and if you’ve made the effort to remember this person, they will try to remember you as well.

2 Give Something to the Other Person

When someone gives you something, you feel obligated to give them something in return. This is the Law of Reciprocity. You see this often when you go shopping. A staff member gives out free food samples, increasing the chances that the shopper will reciprocate by buying an item from the store. Similarly, when you open the door for someone, buy a co-worker a coffee, or share some useful information (like telling someone about a 2 for 1 deal you heard about), that person will view you in a more positive way.

3 Be Vulnerable

One way to get people to remember you is to be vulnerable. When you make mistakes, others see you as more human and more relatable. When you meet someone for the first time, you can share a quick anecdote about, for example, how you sat down in the wrong room at a convention about financial planning and the people in the room were talking about pet training. People like people they can relate to.

4 Share an Insight

People remember stories. If you have a name that is difficult to remember, a little anecdote about your name will make it easier to recall. For example, a quick story about the meaning of your name or why your name was chosen, or something catchy involving your name. Something catchy can be as simple as giving an adjective with the same first letter as your first name. Then they remember your name and something about your personality.

Give Positive Energy

People associate you with what you say. If you complain a lot about the news, the weather, or other people, you may be perceived as negative. If you compliment people and speak positively about people, places, and events, others will associate you with this optimism. Make positive energy your brand, and that is what people will remember about you.


Sometimes our interaction with someone we first meet is going to be very brief. To create more impact so they remember you, try a technique to make yourself more memorable, such as saying the other person’s name, or sharing something about yourself that the other person will remember.

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