Managing Your Time and Staying Productive

If you could control time, would you go back to change the past so you could revisit a memory or redo a mistake? How awesome it would be to freeze that moment and have all the minutes to do everything you want with hours to spare! Managing your time and staying productive would not beContinue reading “Managing Your Time and Staying Productive”

To Work or Not to Work Over the Holidays If You Have an Office Job

Do you plan to work during the holidays? If you have an office job, you’ve heard about coworkers taking time off to spend with family and relax. Big projects are winding down or postponed to next year. Clients aren’t booking meetings and have automatic email messages. How about you? Are you one of those whoContinue reading “To Work or Not to Work Over the Holidays If You Have an Office Job”

How to Make Money in MLM… the Real Story

It’s time to bring back an old post I made about making money in MLM. In the last few years, I’ve seen more articles and social media posts about people promoting their MLM, or people asking if a job post is an MLM scam. If you’re interested in the real facts about whether you canContinue reading “How to Make Money in MLM… the Real Story”

5 Tips on Working for a Virtual StartUp

Nowadays, it’s possible to go to an office address and find that the company you’re looking for doesn’t physically exist there. At all. Technology has enabled the employees of an entire company to work from home.  Some of these companies are startups that are 100 percent virtual. These companies are great if you hate commutingContinue reading “5 Tips on Working for a Virtual StartUp”

Creating Team Connections for Remote Teams

What comes to mind when you hear “teamwork” with your coworkers? Most likely, working in person in an office together with other people. However, these days, teamwork has taken on a new meaning for global companies with employees and contractors in multiple time zones. How do you develop a sense of community and company cultureContinue reading “Creating Team Connections for Remote Teams”