Should You Quit Your Job and Become a Freelancer?

Taking control of your work schedule and workload and becoming your own boss has its appeal, but is that life for you? Should you become a self-employed freelancer? If you’re undecided about starting a freelancing business, ask yourself the following questions. You may surprise yourself with your readiness to take your career in a newContinue reading “Should You Quit Your Job and Become a Freelancer?”

4 Tips for Effective Networking Connections

If you’ve attended a networking event, you’ve likely connected with other business owners and entrepreneurs who later said, “Let’s meet over coffee.” It’s a great idea, but how do you know if this connection with lead to a meaningful business relationship? Whether in person or at an online virtual meeting, you can make that followContinue reading “4 Tips for Effective Networking Connections”

Rating Customer Satisfaction Levels

How important is customer service to you? Is customer service more important when you dine at a restaurant, or more important when you subscribe to an internet service? Customer expectations for good service directly affect how much satisfaction they get from the services they seek. Some industries have really high customer satisfaction levels. Restaurants andContinue reading “Rating Customer Satisfaction Levels”

5 Ways to Get People to Remember You

Let’s make lasting impressions because you’re easy to remember and hard to forget. Whether it’s a social situation, a job interview, or a business situation, you want people to speak with you because they like you and you created a strong initial impression. To help you achieve that goal, here are five ways to getContinue reading “5 Ways to Get People to Remember You”

Managing Your Time and Staying Productive

If you could control time, would you go back to change the past so you could revisit a memory or redo a mistake? How awesome it would be to freeze that moment and have all the minutes to do everything you want with hours to spare! Managing your time and staying productive would not beContinue reading “Managing Your Time and Staying Productive”