Managing Your Time and Staying Productive

If you could control time, would you go back to change the past so you could revisit a memory or redo a mistake? How awesome it would be to freeze that moment and have all the minutes to do everything you want with hours to spare! Managing your time and staying productive would not beContinue reading “Managing Your Time and Staying Productive”

Is the No-Interview Hiring Model Changing Talent Acquisition

Both interviewers and interviewees dread job interviews. Interviewers can spend hours reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and checking references, only to find that none of the hundreds of applicants is the right fit. Interviewees can send out hundreds of resumes and receive zero responses or get a handful of interviews and still be jobless at theContinue reading “Is the No-Interview Hiring Model Changing Talent Acquisition”

To Work or Not to Work Over the Holidays If You Have an Office Job

Do you plan to work during the holidays? If you have an office job, you’ve heard about coworkers taking time off to spend with family and relax. Big projects are winding down or postponed to next year. Clients aren’t booking meetings and have automatic email messages. How about you? Are you one of those whoContinue reading “To Work or Not to Work Over the Holidays If You Have an Office Job”

Pre and Post Holiday Goals

December can be a very busy time of the year. Parties to attend for work and parties with friends and family. Shopping for gifts and time spent decorating the house for Christmas or other holidays at this time. Businesses are either picking up speed or slowing down, depending on their products or services. Some businessesContinue reading “Pre and Post Holiday Goals”

Could You Be Sued for Saying a Common Word or Phrase?

Do you have a favorite phrase that you like to say a lot? Now imagine liking your favorite phrase so much that you would want to prevent other people from using your preferred words by trademarking those words! Celebrities and companies have trademarked words and expressions that you’ve heard in movies and advertisements. Some ofContinue reading “Could You Be Sued for Saying a Common Word or Phrase?”