Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor

Sandy Gum, Insurance and Private Equity Advisor
Vanya Wryter Consulting

The housing market is hot and people are either talking about buying a home or thinking about buying one. Either way, it’s a major decision, so getting the advice of a professional will help the process go more smoothly. 

Here are five reasons why you should work with a realtor and what you should look out for.

1. Experience and Knowledge of the Buying Process

The right real estate agent for you is someone you feel comfortable working with and is the right fit for what you need. 

This person doesn’t have to be a top sales agent or the most experienced on the team because either may not be what works best for you. Here’s why. Having a top agent definitely has its perks because they are very knowledgeable in their area of expertise.They have a lot of clients who trust them. 

However, they may not have enough time to show you all the places you want to see or listen to you if you have many questions and concerns to address. These realtors may draw on their experience with similar clients and recommend what they think is best for you based on their experience.

Having someone who has the time to listen and put themselves in your shoes is a little different. When someone is not a top agent, they may have more time to take you to more places and listen to your thoughts about each place and what you’re looking for. They’re on the lookout for better things for you.

2. Knowledge of the Local Market and Neighbourhood

When you work with a realtor near you, you’ll have access to knowledge about the local area where you want to buy a home. They can tell you about public transportation options and commuting issues to be aware of. If you have children, they can tell you what schools are in the area. 

A realtor can give you the big picture and tell you what future trends will be, what the market looks like and if it is a good time to buy. Each location is different. As another bonus, a realtor can get good deals that are off the market, although this happens more often in the USA than Canada. You can get some of these off the market deals at a heavily discounted price!  

3. Access to the Realtor’s Network and Resources

In addition to information about a local area, your realtor has contacts to a network. While viewing a home, your realtor (or yourself) may notice something that needs fixing or minor repairs. The realtor can arrange for a quote for the repair or even let you know the approximate cost for the repair based on experience with similar homes. 

They can also recommend a company for repairs or renovations that you would like done prior or move in or after. If you’re new to the area, they can also recommend who you can go to for home insurance, or even a consultation about legal matters.

4. Assistance with the Transaction and Paperwork

You’re probably not looking at real estate documents all the time. A realtor is much more familiar with reviewing those documents and going through those transactions. They may notice details you’re not aware of and can answer questions you may have about the process. 

If you’re buying insurance, your realtor can provide information that the insurance agent will need. For example, they can provide you with the details about the property in order to request a quote from an insurance agent. If any legal issues arise, they have access to a network of lawyers and notaries they can consult on your behalf. 

5. Negotiation and Communication Skills

You want to work with a realtor near you who is neither pushy or nor salesy. When you’ve found a home that you see yourself living in, you want to be able to rely on the realtor’s negotiation skills. They will respect the budget that you’re working with. 

They will also be able to negotiate with the seller to come to a mutual agreement on your behalf. Buying a home can be a stressful process so you want to hire someone you trust to represent you during the negotiation. 

You want to work with a realtor who is a clear communicator and can answer any questions you may have. A realtor who can understand your needs throughout the process can reduce your stress and make this a positive and memorable experience. 

Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Find a realtor near you and use our top five tips to narrow down the right one for you. 

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