How to Change Your Mindset Using Words

Words have tremendous power and influence. Short, simple statements such as “I love you,” “I hate you,” “You’re hired,” and “You’re fired” can change a person’s life. But it isn’t just what we say to another person that can have a tremendous impact. The words we choose to say can change how other people perceiveContinue reading “How to Change Your Mindset Using Words”

Is the No-Interview Hiring Model Changing Talent Acquisition

Both interviewers and interviewees dread job interviews. Interviewers can spend hours reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and checking references, only to find that none of the hundreds of applicants is the right fit. Interviewees can send out hundreds of resumes and receive zero responses or get a handful of interviews and still be jobless at theContinue reading “Is the No-Interview Hiring Model Changing Talent Acquisition”

How to Deal with Distractions While at Work

Distractions can be relaxing. Distractions can be harmful. How you deal with distractions determines if you can manage your time or watch it slip away from you. If you are distracted while at work, try these tips on how to deal with distractions to keep yourself focused. 1 Put Your Mind into Work Mode ImagineContinue reading “How to Deal with Distractions While at Work”

Fascinating Facts about Jobs

Have you ever thought about a career change? You might have read an article about fascinating or unusual jobs from around the world and wondered what it would be like to have that role for a day. Here we’ve asked some questions and searched for opinions about jobs that deserve the title of most dangerous,Continue reading “Fascinating Facts about Jobs”

Interesting Facts About Santa’s Job

Christmas Eve is an exciting time of year for those who celebrate Christmas. Children hope that Santa has decided they made it on the nice list, not the naughty list, and they will wake up to gifts under the tree and in their stockings. Parents have wrapped up gifts with the label “From Santa.” ButContinue reading “Interesting Facts About Santa’s Job”