Rating Customer Satisfaction Levels

How important is customer service to you? Is customer service more important when you dine at a restaurant, or more important when you subscribe to an internet service? Customer expectations for good service directly affect how much satisfaction they get from the services they seek.

Some industries have really high customer satisfaction levels. Restaurants and breweries have high rankings. Other industries have low customer service satisfaction levels, such as gas stations and internet service providers.

Take a look at these findings that rate customer satisfaction levels by industry.

Do you agree with the findings? Are there industries in which you have a higher expectation for good customer service?

5 thoughts on “Rating Customer Satisfaction Levels

  1. As a quality coordinator in my previous job, I highly value great customer service. I read ratings for a lot of businesses, usually when I’m planning a trip itinerary. We have experienced awful service in restaurants post covid, but I think that’s mostly due to understaffing.

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