Do Businesses Celebrate Occasions Too Early?

Have you noticed that before you have the chance to put away your beach gear and barbecue, Halloween decorations are already in the stores? Or have you found discount Halloween candy nearby the early Christmas promo items?

If you can’t remember which holiday is coming up, or you procrastinate over buying seasonal items, businesses seem to have made it their mission to remind you about the upcoming holidays.

Summer isn’t over yet, and you see back-to-school advertising. Time to take advantage of deals on school supplies and computers before the summer vacation has finished!

If you’re not yet feeling the autumn mood, maybe the pumpkin spice latte ads will get you thinking about Thanksgiving dinners with turkey and pumpkin pie. In the mood for some candy? Check out the deals on bulk Halloween candy on store shelves a month before Halloween.

Stores will remind you that Christmas is around the corner while your calendar still displays November on your wall. Remember you’ve got gifts to buy and decorating to do next month! businesses seem to say with their ads and displays.

Maybe this is how the idea of Jack Skellington from Halloween Town meeting Santa from Christmas Town came about – from Halloween and Christmas decor just a shelf apart in the store. 

Have you thought about simultaneously putting up your Halloween and Christmas decorations as a time saver? One time effort for two occasions. Scary gifts under the Christmas tree.

These early reminders can be both good and bad. You’re reminded to prepare for these upcoming expenses and how quickly time flies. Should you buy early? Or wait for the sale? Or, you could be just a window shopper and enjoy the displays and seasonal deals without touching your wallet. 

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11 thoughts on “Do Businesses Celebrate Occasions Too Early?

    1. It definitely is a business tactic. As a child, I felt like back to school ads a month before school started were robbing me of my summer vacation. As an adult, I became excited about what deals I could get for office supplies at a back to school sale before school started.

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  1. I really enjoy seeing these early promos – they help to set the mood for upcoming holidays, and for those who don’t like the last minute rush, then you can get ready and buy in advance. In Canada we have Diwali celebrations too.


  2. I think these things are good for buisness.
    It gives customer something special and they wait for auspicious occasion to buy their favourites.
    Wr had navratri sale and it was so good for the buisness (after 2 years of pandemic).
    Now diwali is coming, and that’s good for market too.
    Yes, it could be expensive to the pocket, will all the exciting sales/discount. But, overall it’s good for market.
    In India, people consider a lot about auspicious moment. Every minute and days have some importance. So, if there’s early sale, it tells people about upcoming events. Then, generally on the D day, you will get rush, so it’s better to book things before and then buy it on the auspicious day. As I’ve mentioned diwali is coming, so those 5 days are special.

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