Do Businesses Celebrate Occasions Too Early?

Have you noticed that before you have the chance to put away your beach gear and barbecue, Halloween decorations are already in the stores? Or have you found discount Halloween candy nearby the early Christmas promo items? If you can’t remember which holiday is coming up, or you procrastinate over buying seasonal items, businesses seemContinue reading “Do Businesses Celebrate Occasions Too Early?”

Business Review: Halloween Museum

Museums that are replicas of villages or towns from another time are intriguing. They waken the imagination, teach us history, and connect the past to the present. The 1920s village museum I visited recently is decorated with a spooky yet friendly autumn theme for about a week in October. Unlike previous years, there is noContinue reading “Business Review: Halloween Museum”

Halloween: How a Pandemic Made 2020 the Scariest Year of All

Halloween for most people is the scariest time of the year, but many would agree that 2020 is a whole year to be afraid of. I’ve seen memes warning time travellers to skip this year entirely! Unless you’ve been living in Antarctic and isolated from all communication, you would probably agree that COVID-19 deeply touchedContinue reading “Halloween: How a Pandemic Made 2020 the Scariest Year of All”