Preparing for the Change in Seasons and the Next Quarter

The fall season is a time for change, both in scenery and in our goals and priorities. Warm, sunny weather turns into colder temperatures and more rain. It’s a time for preparation.

If you have a home or business, then it’s time to winterize and think about safety. It’s an opportunity to rake the rainbow of autumn leaves from the ground to avoid clogging the gutters and storm drain. If you live in northern climates, you may need to buy salt for when the sidewalks and roads freeze over with a layer of dangerous ice. It’s the season to check if your heater is working.

Fall is also a time to set goals for the year’s final quarter. Did you meet your income goals? If you have a business, will you achieve your financial goals for the year? For some businesses, it’s time to complete a wave of new hires before the end of the year. For startups that have been growing, it may be time to revisit the company operating procedures and rethink how they can scale and grow.

As the season changes, it’s time to look ahead to the upcoming year and set new goals. The past few months have seen rapid changes in prices and the economy. Will you need to change your budget for next year? Find a new job or ask for a raise at your current one? If you’re a freelancer or own a business, the fourth quarter is a time to revisit your marketing and branding for next year. Will your products and services be the same, or will you need to make some adjustments?

Like a squirrel in the fall, stockpiling for winter, we can take a moment during this season to reflect on what we need to do to prepare for the coming months.

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14 thoughts on “Preparing for the Change in Seasons and the Next Quarter

  1. Interesting actually!!
    Here in India things work differently.
    People worked hard for Diwali, all the focus and work was for Diwali only.
    And now as it’s over, people are now focusing on winters.
    Right now it’s beginning of winters, so yeah squirrel 🐿️ will get into the action.

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  2. A splendid outline of pragmatic points in preparation to effectively move forward with business & life. Thank you for sharing your insightful tips, dear Vanya, and I wish for you a beautiful change of seasons 🍂🍁🌞

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