Do you live to work or work to live?

These days, we are asked tough questions. We are living through difficult times.

You hear stories of people losing their job for the second time in the same year.

People who have applied to 500 jobs and gotten no responses or job interviews.

Businesses that have been posting jobs have no responses.

These are tough times.

What advice do you have to connect those looking for work with those who are looking for employees?

15 thoughts on “Do you live to work or work to live?

  1. It is quite of a super challenging times! I would say network network network! Reach out to people for a cup of coffee and discussion. Go to professional events. In case of a conversation, it is super important to be genuine and authentic.

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  2. This is quite the challenge. For me, the point of difference comes down to a person’s personal journey. I know there are many books, blogs, vblogs, tv shows etc that stress the “professional” approach when submitting a job application, but I have always looked beyond that. I like the honesty or insights re an applicant. In the last five months, I have employed eight people on this basis eg I want to work near home, my children are of an age I can work again, I no longer need to be in the mining industry and so on.

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    1. I would agree that taking into consisderation the background of an applicant is important, as well as taking a personal approach. When you work 100% remotely, it’s nice to remember you’re working with humans and not robots that complete work that you see on the page.

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