Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing isn’t a skill you can perfect overnight (although it would be nice to meet a genie who can grant a wish to make this happen). The next best way to improve your writing skills quickly is by making small changes that will one day result in tremendous improvements in your writing skills. For someContinue reading “Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills”

How Humans and AI Can Collaborate When Writing

Researchers study how humans and AI can write together by designing large interaction datasets. This article is an existential crisis. It is written by a professional writer, writing about artificial intelligence that helps writers write. There’s a lot of nagging doubt in my mind about this. Is that okay? I mean, shouldn’t humans write their ownContinue reading “How Humans and AI Can Collaborate When Writing”

Why Editing Your Work Is Critical

You may have heard the story about how a minor edit made the difference between a family dinner and the disappearance of grandma. If you haven’t, then I will explain in a minute why editing is important, whether you run a business or you’re looking for your next employer. Minor typos can financially impact yourContinue reading “Why Editing Your Work Is Critical”