Skills Insight of the Day #5 – Fashion

What do your clothes say about you? In the pre-COVID days when I worked at the office at a job, I had a supervisor who wore body hugging suits and stiletto heels. Her makeup was polished and stunning. Overall, her fashion sense gave her an aura of confidence, power, and strength.

These days, working from home has made makeup, business fashion, and coats unnecessary. At virtual meetings, you only need to look presentable from the waist up (just don’t stand up). It’s easy to roll out of bed and show up at the office in a hoodie and sweat pants, oversized cardigan, or even pajamas.

You feel relaxed and comfortable. No need to impress anyone, and you don’t even need to wear contacts. Glasses are fine!

After almost a year of remote work, people have redefined fashion trends for the at-home workplace. What do our clothes say about us though? Does comfortable still mean professional? Does baggy, loose fitting, and relaxed still give us the feeling of confidence that we had at the office?

If you’re working from home, what is your work outfit these days? Share your thoughts in the comments!

More about pandemic fashion. Read How to Dress For Remote Work.

Photo credit: Ivan Samko

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