Interesting Facts About Santa’s Job

Christmas Eve is an exciting time of year for those who celebrate Christmas. Children hope that Santa has decided they made it on the nice list, not the naughty list, and they will wake up to gifts under the tree and in their stockings. Parents have wrapped up gifts with the label “From Santa.” ButContinue reading “Interesting Facts About Santa’s Job”

Dangerous Jobs: Real Match Girls

Jobs and Tech On a cold winter night, a little girl lights her matches to keep warm. She sacrifices everything just to see the fantastic images created by the flame of the matches. You may have heard of “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen, a story of a girl who can’t go homeContinue reading “Dangerous Jobs: Real Match Girls”

How Modern Clocks Replaced Two Jobs

Jobs and Tech Which type of person are you? Do you jump out of bed, eager to start the day, when your alarm goes off? Or do you do what it takes to shut off your alarm, curses and hand slamming included?  No matter which type you are, you likely had that alarm set becauseContinue reading “How Modern Clocks Replaced Two Jobs”