4 Success Tips for Remote Work Companies

How would you feel about never meeting your coworkers in person? As remote work increases in popularity, more and more companies hire staff living in different cities and opposites sides of the country. It’s possible to never see your coworkers except at virtual meetings.A new company culture must exist so employees and contractors feel connectedContinue reading “4 Success Tips for Remote Work Companies”

What You Need to Know About Remote Work

How would you feel about mixing work and home life? Many workers got a taste of remote work, or working from home, when the pandemic turned our lives upside down in 2020. Some people loved the change while others absolutely hated it. If you haven’t tried it yet, and you’re wondering what it’s like, here’sContinue reading “What You Need to Know About Remote Work”

How to Dress for Remote Work – Fashion Trends for Pandemic Life Part 2

After a year of remote work, are you ready to set aside your hoodies and sweatpants and dust off your business suits? I miss how dressing up for client meetings made me feel. Let’s capture that feeling again! If you’re still working from home, start off the new year by looking powerfully stylish. Here areContinue reading “How to Dress for Remote Work – Fashion Trends for Pandemic Life Part 2”

How to Dress for Remote Work – Fashion Trends for Pandemic Life

If you’re wearing pajamas while sitting at your office, you might not be dreaming – you’re likely awake and remote working in 2020. After all, if your coworkers and boss can’t see you, do you need to dress up? Wouldn’t you rather be comfortable and practical in your fashion choices for remote work? This shiftContinue reading “How to Dress for Remote Work – Fashion Trends for Pandemic Life”

Skills Insight of the Day #5 – Fashion

What do your clothes say about you? In the pre-COVID days when I worked at the office at a job, I had a supervisor who wore body hugging suits and stiletto heels. Her makeup was polished and stunning. Overall, her fashion sense gave her an aura of confidence, power, and strength. These days, working fromContinue reading “Skills Insight of the Day #5 – Fashion”