Best Types of Companies for Remote Work

Remote work has been around for as long as we’ve had the technology, but 2020 made work from home (WFH) a household word. Before the worldwide pandemic that forced businesses to close their doors, many startups already offered remote work. Without a physical office, expenses were reduced. Remote work also offers many other advantages toContinue reading “Best Types of Companies for Remote Work”

Dealing with 4 Challenges of Remote Work

Remote work, also called work from home (WFH), became a popular term after the pandemic, but many workers have been working from home long before 2020. Some people love WFH and will never return to commuting or working at an office. The perks of remote work are numerous, but the lifestyle isn’t for everyone. TheContinue reading “Dealing with 4 Challenges of Remote Work”

The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Home Office

At first, it seemed like he was attending the Zoom meeting from an exotic tropic location. The window to his office was wide open, the palm trees behind him swaying to the breeze and his curtains brushing against him where he sat at his desk. Technology has become so advanced that you don’t need fancyContinue reading “The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Home Office”

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5 Tips on Working for a Virtual StartUp

Nowadays, it’s possible to go to an office address and find that the company you’re looking for doesn’t physically exist there. At all. Technology has enabled the employees of an entire company to work from home.  Some of these companies are startups that are 100 percent virtual. These companies are great if you hate commutingContinue reading “5 Tips on Working for a Virtual StartUp”

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3 Tips for a More Productive Work Day

Working on the weekends can be tough. Your family and friends have invited you to join their plans but you must spend a few hours at the computer to meet an urgent deadline. Work can be fun if you enjoy it; a real pain if you don’t.  If you’re working from home and trying toContinue reading “3 Tips for a More Productive Work Day”

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