TikTok Influencers that are Perfect for Learning About Careers

Have you ever been curious about a career and wished you had more time to learn about it? Or perhaps you have a career that you want to teach people about but you’re not sure where to start. TikTok influencers have embraced this task by creating humorous, informative, and engaging videos that are perfect for learning the inside story about careers.

The facts, the awkward moments, and the insightful moments are captured in short, bite-sized pieces for viewing. If you’re interested in learning about a career, or if you want to learn more about a career, check out these three TikTok influencers.

They’ve found the formula for giving their fans the inside scoop about their jobs. If your goal is to create TikTok videos to teach your fans about your job or career, these three accounts provide a great formula for the videos to create.

Learning About a Career as Flight Attendant from TikTok

Interested in becoming a flight attendant? Even if you aren’t, Sandra J Kwon, aka @jeenie.weenie, has some amusing anecdotes about air travel that many people can relate to. She has over 3.6 million fans on TikTok and posts a great deal of content about her past career as a flight attendant.

Her videos share a variety of topics, from creepy flight stories, to scenarios with difficult passengers, to heartwarming stories about memorable passengers. She demonstrates her talent and flexibility as an actor when she dresses up in the duo role of flight attendant and passenger to talk about visiting places such as Australia and Russia.

One of her most entertaining series is “Things you didn’t know about cabin crew” in which she reveals inside stories about life as a flight attendant. In one video, she yells, “Things you didn’t know about cabin crew, part 19!” in an airport and laughs when she’s ignored. In this series, you find out about some airport perks for staff, and answers to questions such as whether you can date or be married while you’re cabin crew.

Another ongoing series are stories about Sandra J Kwon and her mother (Sandra plays both roles). People who grew up with immigrant parents or parents who speak English as a second language (ESL) will relate to the ethnic humour about flying with an ESL parent.

Insightful one-off videos include one about the different types of flight attendants, and one about what you can do to prepare to become a member of cabin crew once COVID is finished and they start hiring again.

The depth of her experience as a flight attendant results in informative videos such as the following one about travel tips, which received 1.6 million likes.

Sandra J Kwon is one TikTok influencer who can teach you a lot about cabin crew life in her videos. You can learn a lot about a career as a flight attendant while being entertained at the same time.


Did you know this? 🥰 Also all countries have different compensation structures! #cabincrewlife

♬ original sound – Sandra Jeenie Kwon

Learning About a Career as an ESL Teacher from TikTok

Anyone who has taught English in a country where the primary language is not English can relate to the experiences of Mr. Patrick as @thepaperpat on TikTok. His videos about life as a teacher in a foreign country has over 889,000 followers. Although you never see his students, he brings them to life in his anecdotes. It’s a clever idea to have the young students represented as voices.

In his video scenarios as an English as a second language (ESL) teacher, he presents situations such as learning student names (we all can relate to learning new names and faces), dealing with students acting up and misbehaving, and having to scold the class.

After watching a few videos, you start to experience what the human interactions are like between teacher and student. For example, one day he must deal with students who have no energy. This happens sometimes, and it is up to the teacher to set the energy and tone, even when everyone is having a bad day.

Unique to ESL teachers (and not other teachers) is disciplining students about language use. Teachers need to enforce the English only rule, and in these videos, our TikTok influencer shows a few videos in which his Japanese students struggle with what they can and cannot say. Japanese names, for instance, don’t count as speaking Japanese. In contrast, sometimes the students are speaking English but the teacher can’t decipher what they are saying.

Also unique to ESL teachers teaching overseas is the fishbowl situation. Students are curious about the teacher because the teacher is foreign. It’s like he is always on a stage, constantly being watched.

Students will notice differences from one day to the next day. When he wears glasses for the first time instead of contacts, his students are very curious about why he has changed his appearance. This video, shown below, got 201,000 likes! 


Danny be tryin me 😂 Check out @tijneyewearofficial and use the code “5free” for a discount! #Japan #teacherlife

♬ original sound – Patrick

For quick snapshots of a TikTok influencer’s portrayal of life as an ESL teacher, check out some of these videos. They are perfect for learning about a career as an ESL teacher and bringing back some memories of life as a student.

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Learning About a Career as a Surgeon from TikTok

If you’re interested in life as a surgeon, this TikTok influencer has some worthy insights into the career. If you aren’t, you might find some answers to some niggling medical questions that you have. Dr. Sina Joorachi, known as @doctor.sina on TikTok, is an ENT doctor with over 569,000 followers.

He covers a range of specific topics about surgery. Have you wondered what it feels like to be under anesthesia? You’ll find a video for that. Are you curious about how to break a nose for medical purposes? Watch and you’ll find out. This TikTok surgeon also tells you about the worst emergency surgery he experienced, and the most dangerous surgery he completed.

You’re probably familiar with surgeons scrubbing in before an operation. In these videos, he takes it a step further and shows you how it’s done, and what happens if there’s an emergency and you need to take a short cut on those steps. Are you wondering about the difference between the yellow and the pink soap? He answers that too.

Ordinary tasks take on a fun and entertaining tone in the videos as well. You might be surprised to see that this surgeon puts on his PPE like how Iron Man puts on his suit. Special effects add to his superpowers of course. They also help him turn into Thor calling for his scalpel. In another video, you see him efficiently handling the task of dictating how he did a surgery. He speaks faster than most humans on this planet!

Surgeon life isn’t all work and no play. In one video, Dr. Joorachi tackles the question, “Do surgeons have a life?” when he takes you from his place of work to a vacation spot in the span of a few seconds. In another video, he’s in a kitchen, cooking up the perfect playlist to listen to during a surgery.

A popular video is the surgeon’s checklist before starting surgery. It has over 1.4 million likes and is a serious, informative look at what is needed to prepare before the operation.

This TikTok influencer’s videos teach you what a career as a surgeon is like with brief snippets of scenes from the operating room. Most of these videos are entertaining, but for some, be aware that you may be viewing some surgical scenes with internal body parts.


Keep the checklist consistent so you won’t forget things! #surgeon #operatingroom #pov #gopro #checklist #docs #learnontiktok

♬ The Office – The Hyphenate


Learning about a career can be fun and exciting. Three TikTok influencers have shared videos about what it’s like to work in their profession, as cabin crew, a teacher, and a surgeon. You can enjoy these videos for the career information, or just enjoy them as a lighthearted moment in your day.

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