Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Barbara Corcoran

What’s your opinion?

How important is sex appeal where you work?

Should your performance be judged by what you wear and how you present yourself, or by your skills and achievements alone?

2 thoughts on “Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Barbara Corcoran

  1. Another thought provoking question, Vanya. As a former CEO, and both HR and IR practitioner, sex appeal does need to be toned down a bit in the workplace – and it’s not because I am old school or anything like that. Employees do need to present well. I don’t have a problem with dressing down either, but knowing when to dress up and so on is important. I have always supported casual Fridays, with staff paying a “fee” that goes to a nominated charity that the organisation supports.

    I have also seen, and had to deal with, where “sex appeal” creates unwanted attention and problems. Shoes can be a real problem as well, for both men and women in terms of fashion and suitability re the work environment. Keeping shoes in the office for different occassions (and this goes for clothing too) is smart.

    So my response is a long winded way of saying that I judge performance on skills and achievement first with a dash of “professional shine” thrown in.

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    1. Skills and performance should always be #1. Interestingly, though, studies have shown that men and women earn more for every inch of height that they have. So taller people earn more than shorter (in similar profession). Psychology and perception do have a role in the workplace, unfortunately.

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