Dealing with 4 Challenges of Remote Work

Remote work, also called work from home (WFH), became a popular term after the pandemic, but many workers have been working from home long before 2020. Some people love WFH and will never return to commuting or working at an office. The perks of remote work are numerous, but the lifestyle isn’t for everyone. TheContinue reading “Dealing with 4 Challenges of Remote Work”

How To Double Your Productivity

If you want to double your productivity, set reachable goals that turn you into an achiever. Entrepreneur Bill Gates said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”  Bite-sized goals that you can achieve quickly reward you with the satisfaction of success. Small successesContinue reading “How To Double Your Productivity”

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10 Signs of Ageism in the Workplace

When you hear the term “discrimination in the workplace,” what comes to mind? Common forms of workplace discrimination include gender, race, religious, and sexual orientation. Another type is age. Examples of age discrimination (ageism) at the workplace are: not hiring someone because they are too old, or only providing training to younger workers because theContinue reading “10 Signs of Ageism in the Workplace”

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Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Barbara Corcoran

What’s your opinion? How important is sex appeal where you work? Should your performance be judged by what you wear and how you present yourself, or by your skills and achievements alone?

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Why Women Should be Entrepreneurs

Both women and men can be successful entrepreneurs, but in times of severe economic disruption, women should turn to entrepreneurship for many reasons. It offers them control of their career, schedule, and workload. It keeps women independent of trends in the job market and breaks traditional barriers. Most importantly, entrepreneurship is a strong career alternativeContinue reading “Why Women Should be Entrepreneurs”