How to Make Money in MLM… the Real Story

It’s time to bring back an old post I made about making money in MLM. In the last few years, I’ve seen more articles and social media posts about people promoting their MLM, or people asking if a job post is an MLM scam.

If you’re interested in the real facts about whether you can make money in an MLM, read this post on How to Make Money in MLM.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Money in MLM… the Real Story

    1. Thanks. I have discovered that MLM distributors tend to target people who want to have a side business and have no business experience. They tell these would-be entrepreneurs about the money making opportunities without telling them the market is already saturated. True, some markets are saturated but if you really own your business, you can change your brand. As an MLM distributor, you have no control over your brand or your pricing, so you are just a carbon copy in a saturated market.

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