Getting ChatGPT to Do My Job For a Day

With so much talk about ChatGPT replacing jobs (which is in fact a true concern). I wondered if ChatGPT could do my job for a day. (Mostly because it was the weekend and it’s more challenging to work on the weekend.) I asked it to do a couple of tasks. Here are some results. TaskContinue reading “Getting ChatGPT to Do My Job For a Day”

Chatgpt and AI: A Threat to Jobs?

The other day I had a most dreadful experience: the day after making a mistake at work, I was called into a meeting with the bosses. I thought I was in trouble. Instead, the opposite happened. They wanted me to try something that might help me to do my job better.  While feeling relieved thatContinue reading “Chatgpt and AI: A Threat to Jobs?”

6 Tips to Developing an In-Demand Skill Set

How economy-proof is your skill set? Companies are cutting salaries and jobs due to rising costs, but you still need a job to pay the bills. What you need to stay employed is an in-demand skill set. Workers with in-demand skill sets are snapped up by another company if they are laid off, or theyContinue reading “6 Tips to Developing an In-Demand Skill Set”

Improving Your Writing Skills for Work

Writing is as important as speaking in the workplace. Whether you compose emails, write direct messages, draft reports, or compose speeches for presentations, clear writing can convey your ideas and avoid confusion. Many don’t find it easy to write well. School doesn’t prepare you to write clear and concise emails and messages for work. AsContinue reading “Improving Your Writing Skills for Work”

Interesting Facts About Santa’s Job

Christmas Eve is an exciting time of year for those who celebrate Christmas. Children hope that Santa has decided they made it on the nice list, not the naughty list, and they will wake up to gifts under the tree and in their stockings. Parents have wrapped up gifts with the label “From Santa.” ButContinue reading “Interesting Facts About Santa’s Job”