How to Write a Proposal for a Nonfiction Book

Writing a book proposal is not an easy task. You love your book idea, but you need to make the publisher fall in love with it too. How can you describe what it’s about? What do you say to make the publisher want to turn your idea into a printed book that you can hold in your hands?

If you’re thinking of writing a proposal for a software book to a publisher, check out this post on Medium with tips on writing a proposal for a nonfiction book on a technical topic. Even if you aren’t writing about a software topic, these tips are worth considering for technical topics.

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7 thoughts on “How to Write a Proposal for a Nonfiction Book

    1. Glad you found it helpful! Good luck with publishing your novels. It takes a lot of dedication. An author I’m working with is publishing her book this year. She started working on it last year, and managed to finish so quickly because she didn’t take any breaks from writing.

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