TikTok Health and Fitness Influencers that are Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Are you more fit or less fit than before the COVID-19 pandemic? Your fitness routine may have changed this year because gyms have closed and you’re no longer walking to catch the bus to work. If there were a year to gain weight before overeating at Christmas, 2020 would be it. My sedentary job and reduced social life are two reasons I became fascinated by health and fitness influencers on TikTok. Now if you’re an entrepreneur like me, you’ll also want to add the following influencers to your social media must-follow list.

Working from home comes with its health and fitness challenges, especially with winter around the corner. Your community centre or gym may be closed. Your city may have restrictions on your social circle, so you may no longer have a running or walking buddy to keep you accountable. What can you do for your pandemic health and fitness routine?

Health and Fitness Influencers for the Remote Entrepreneur

A pandemic health and fitness routine should fit your lifestyle and be practical and doable. As an entrepreneur, you most likely work unusual hours and (if you’re a solopreneur), you may be working long hours. It’s also possible that COVID-19 affected your business and you’re dealing with not enough work and financial hardship.

No matter what your situation, you still need a physical and mental break. Health is essential, especially if you’ve been working from home and spending hours at your desk.

When you need a break, it’s possible to turn your home into your own little gym. And you won’t need to invest in gym equipment! A health and fitness influencer I discovered on TikTok is @justinagustin, a fitness trainer who teaches you simple workout routines using equipment you can find at your home. For example, you can use a wall, a chair, a towel, a bed, or your sofa for low impact workouts. And practicality isn’t his only concern.

In some videos, he partners with @kathleen_jd to show the same exercise at both beginner and advanced levels. You can choose the level most comfortable for you. These exercises are very manageable for those who aren’t super fit (or became less fit from working from home and not going out as much).

From a business point of view, I thought it was very clever to show exercises to try where you are. Workout videos using gym equipment would require modification if you don’t have it, and if you’re not a fitness expert, you may not know how to adapt an exercise.

If you’re working unusual hours (which some entrepreneurs do), try one or more of this fitness influencer’s videos to exercise with your virtual workout buddy and mentor.

Health and Fitness Influencers that Grew Their Audience

At some point in the pandemic, “non-essential” businesses had to close, including chiropractors. However, if you’re entrepreneurial-minded, you’ll always be thinking about how to pivot your business, adapt to changes, and bring in leads.

Another health and fitness influencer to follow is a health expert who took advantage of the closure of his chiropractic office to combine his expertise in back, neck, and knee pain tips with his love for music. Mixing his career and hobby had amazing results.

Not only did he gain a following by sharing health tips to catchy music, but he also started a trend in which other medical and healthcare experts gave their expert advice to catchy tunes. Jordan Estrada’s success is documented in Insider.com.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, it’s a clever way to warm up the market. He gains clients who recognize him from TikTok, and marketers know that people are quicker to buy from someone they trust. The TikTok star spends about ten hours creating this social media content.

The next time you have back pain from a sedentary lifestyle, it may be time to enjoy some tunes and work on getting your body back into shape.

Staying Healthy and Fit While Teaching or Learning

If you couldn’t attend dance class or fitness class because these facilities were closed, TikTok fitness videos are a great alternative. They aren’t the same as complete lessons, however, because the videos are short. But you learn from health and fitness influencers who break down dance steps or show off dance routines in bite-sized bits that brighten a busy day.

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You’ll be amazed by jaw-dropping dance routines or risky jumps and leaps. They’re great entertainment if you’re not athletically inclined. There are so many fascinating influencers in this space that I had a hard time choosing just one to highlight for this article.

TikTok also has videos that teach dance moves step-by-step for familiar dances like bachata. These short and easy lessons may be more enticing for those who prefer a slower pace for a workout routine.

These videos are a wonderful inspiration to entrepreneurs. I like to see how the videos display people’s talents and help them to grow an audience organically. I also like to learn from them. Dances and displays of physical skill (including contortion) are breathtaking to watch.

Key Takeaways

Whether you have a sedentary lifestyle from working remotely or you’ve gained weight from being stuck at home, you can easily spare a few minutes here or there to exercise.

TikTok health and fitness influencers are one source for quick fitness lessons in easily consumable bits. They are also an inspiration for entrepreneurs who want to grow an audience and increase their brand awareness.

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