Money and Power: the Ambition Penalty

If you’re interested in the “ambition penalty” that working women face and haven’t heard about Stefanie O’Connell, I recommend listening to and reading her work. She reveals research results about gender roles and gender stereotypes in the workplace. Some of the topics that she discusses: The “motherhood penalty” and the “fatherhood bonus”  For every childContinue reading “Money and Power: the Ambition Penalty”

What To Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn

Regret is a powerful motivator. This year brought some unprecedented changes to our lives. We are seeing a sudden rise in food prices, and rent and mortgage rates, but shortages in items that we used to see in abundance at the store. People say that salaries are about the same while many are looking forContinue reading “What To Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn”

TikTok Influencers that are Perfect for Learning About Careers

Have you ever been curious about a career and wished you had more time to learn about it? Or perhaps you have a career that you want to teach people about but you’re not sure where to start. TikTok influencers have embraced this task by creating humorous, informative, and engaging videos that are perfect forContinue reading “TikTok Influencers that are Perfect for Learning About Careers”

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