4 Reasons Remote Work Is What You Love or Hate

Mention “remote work” and people will react with love or hate. In the last couple of years, more workers have experienced remote work as offices closed. Most workers agree that remote work saves you the commute and helps you to avoid annoying coworkers. But there is also a darker side. People who suddenly switched toContinue reading “4 Reasons Remote Work Is What You Love or Hate”

Dangerous Ways to Get an Education

What would you risk to get an education? Would you risk your safety or your life? For some, risking one’s life or safety is worthwhile because one day, the reward is a better quality of life. Knowledge is definitely power. With better education, you have the power to choose higher-paying jobs, a healthier environment, andContinue reading “Dangerous Ways to Get an Education”

Best Reasons for Handwritten Messages

Would you feel more comfortable crafting a handwritten letter or sending a quick text? Most likely you answered “text” because it’s fast and autocorrect finishes some of your words! Meanwhile, where is that stationery when you need it? Sadly, our writing skills (by hand or keyboard) have declined each generation! A perfect example of thisContinue reading “Best Reasons for Handwritten Messages”