What To Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn

Regret is a powerful motivator. This year brought some unprecedented changes to our lives. We are seeing a sudden rise in food prices, and rent and mortgage rates, but shortages in items that we used to see in abundance at the store. People say that salaries are about the same while many are looking forContinue reading “What To Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn”

Dangerous Jobs: Real Match Girls

Jobs and Tech On a cold winter night, a little girl lights her matches to keep warm. She sacrifices everything just to see the fantastic images created by the flame of the matches. You may have heard of “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen, a story of a girl who can’t go homeContinue reading “Dangerous Jobs: Real Match Girls”

Could You Be Sued for Saying a Common Word or Phrase?

Do you have a favorite phrase that you like to say a lot? Now imagine liking your favorite phrase so much that you would want to prevent other people from using your preferred words by trademarking those words! Celebrities and companies have trademarked words and expressions that you’ve heard in movies and advertisements. Some ofContinue reading “Could You Be Sued for Saying a Common Word or Phrase?”

How to Make Money in MLM… the Real Story

It’s time to bring back an old post I made about making money in MLM. In the last few years, I’ve seen more articles and social media posts about people promoting their MLM, or people asking if a job post is an MLM scam. If you’re interested in the real facts about whether you canContinue reading “How to Make Money in MLM… the Real Story”

The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Home Office

At first, it seemed like he was attending the Zoom meeting from an exotic tropic location. The window to his office was wide open, the palm trees behind him swaying to the breeze and his curtains brushing against him where he sat at his desk. Technology has become so advanced that you don’t need fancyContinue reading “The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Home Office”