How AI Is Affecting the Recruiting Process

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be deciding whether you pass the application process and you’re asked for an interview. Companies that mass hire (bulk hire) for jobs in a limited time frame appreciate reducing the time and costs involved in the hiring process. This also means the human element is removed from part of the hiringContinue reading “How AI Is Affecting the Recruiting Process”

How to Write a Proposal for a Nonfiction Book

Writing a book proposal is not an easy task. You love your book idea, but you need to make the publisher fall in love with it too. How can you describe what it’s about? What do you say to make the publisher want to turn your idea into a printed book that you can holdContinue reading “How to Write a Proposal for a Nonfiction Book”

Chatgpt and AI: A Threat to Jobs?

The other day I had a most dreadful experience: the day after making a mistake at work, I was called into a meeting with the bosses. I thought I was in trouble. Instead, the opposite happened. They wanted me to try something that might help me to do my job better.  While feeling relieved thatContinue reading “Chatgpt and AI: A Threat to Jobs?”

Gratitude Quotes

Time to reflect! We’ve now completed the first three months of 2023, also known as Q1 in business circles. It’s also the end of another week. What are you grateful for? There are so many wonderful things: family, friends, the weekend, another fulfilling week… the list goes on. As we think about the things we’reContinue reading “Gratitude Quotes”

6 Tips to Developing an In-Demand Skill Set

How economy-proof is your skill set? Companies are cutting salaries and jobs due to rising costs, but you still need a job to pay the bills. What you need to stay employed is an in-demand skill set. Workers with in-demand skill sets are snapped up by another company if they are laid off, or theyContinue reading “6 Tips to Developing an In-Demand Skill Set”