Public Speaking Tips That Capture Your Audience

Many people fear public speaking, and they have good reason to. It can be nerve racking to speak in front of strangers, and even more frightening to speak in front of a group of familiar faces. What if you make a mistake? What if you forget your lines, and everyone remembers only how bad yourContinue reading “Public Speaking Tips That Capture Your Audience”

How to Succeed at Live Interactive Presentations

When was the last time you spoke in front of a live audience? Do you feel nervous about public speaking? Or do you get a shot of adrenaline from the experience? Last week I gave an interactive, virtual presentation to a live audience of over two hundred people. One of my biggest fears at suchContinue reading “How to Succeed at Live Interactive Presentations”

Challenge: Improve Your Vocabulary

Do you find yourself occasionally Google searching a word because you couldn’t remember whether it could be used the way that you’re thinking? You might have heard that constant learning keeps you young. Learning new vocabulary or refreshing yourself on the use of some old ones is always great for exercising your brain. What areContinue reading “Challenge: Improve Your Vocabulary”