How to Write a Book: Video Lessons to Learn From

How many people do you know who have said, “I want to write a book”? Maybe writing a book is your goal. But ask anyone who has written a book, and they will tell you that writing a book from start to finish is not an easy feat. Don’t give up, though! Here are someContinue reading “How to Write a Book: Video Lessons to Learn From”

Writing Tips for Motivation

Words are food. Words keep us going. They motivate us. When you’re feeling down, or you’ve hit writer’s block, follow the advice of your favorite writer. When you’re concerned you can’t make a deadline for a writing project, break your main goal into small, little goals. Just write for five minutes, or finish a paragraph.Continue reading “Writing Tips for Motivation”

Business Review: Dim Sum Restaurants

Usually, your goal when you dine at a restaurant is to satisfy your hunger. But this time, I’d like to change your perspective and look at dim sum restaurants from the perspective of a business owner with a time machine. Many restaurants closed or only served takeout during the pandemic. When restaurants reopened for dine-inContinue reading “Business Review: Dim Sum Restaurants”

Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs: Barbara Corcoran

What’s your opinion? How important is sex appeal where you work? Should your performance be judged by what you wear and how you present yourself, or by your skills and achievements alone?