What Job Skills Should You Improve On If You Don’t Have a Job

This year – 2020, the pandemic year – was a rough one. If you’re one of the thousands who lost your job and you’re not having any luck finding another, what should you do with your time? Working on your job skills is one option, but what skills should you improve on? Learning a wholeContinue reading “What Job Skills Should You Improve On If You Don’t Have a Job”

What Should You Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn

Regret is a powerful motivator. Recently my memories seemed to morph into the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. I thought about the career I used to have, and how stable and comfortable that job had been. It was my dream job, but things changed and I found myself looking for a new career.Continue reading “What Should You Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn”

3 Quick Tips to Appear More Confident

How confident do you feel? Do you picture yourself as a self-assured Boss who is unafraid to take on challenges, marching to the beat of a rockstar song? Are you just like the Instagram influencer whose perfect poses garner thousands of likes? Or do you wish you had that level of confidence? Confidence can beContinue reading “3 Quick Tips to Appear More Confident”

Skills Insight of the Day #7 – Singing

Should singing be a job skill requirement? It’s a few days before Christmas and Christmas songs are everywhere for the next few weeks. When I was in elementary school, we had to sing Christmas carols in December and Happy Birthday throughout the year. I still sing – I mean lip sync – the birthday song.Continue reading “Skills Insight of the Day #7 – Singing”

4 Tips to Stay Productive During the Pandemic

How productive have you been this year? Did you accomplish all that you set out to accomplish in 2020? Or were you like many others who tossed out your original game plan and settled for fewer expectations when the pandemic hit? It’s been a challenging year but there are a few things you can doContinue reading “4 Tips to Stay Productive During the Pandemic”