4 Tips to Stay Productive During the Pandemic

How productive have you been this year? Did you accomplish all that you set out to accomplish in 2020? Or were you like many others who tossed out your original game plan and settled for fewer expectations when the pandemic hit? It’s been a challenging year but there are a few things you can do to keep yourself focused during the coming months. Here are four tips to stay productive during the pandemic.

1. Set Daily Goals

Setting daily goals is important, especially if you lost your job, suffered a business loss, or feel depressed these days. Setting at least one major goal, or three doable goals for each day will take your mind off the surrounding negativity and give you a sense of purpose.

The goals can be simple. They must be doable. For example, change from pajamas into something you would want to be photographed wearing. Clean up the kitchen. Finish a Netflix series. Apply for one job.

Finishing some episodes of a TV series won’t save the world or pay the bills, but if you’re feeling down, it feels good to check something off a to-do list. Applying for a job would be more productive job-wise, but if you’ve been job searching for months, one more job application could feel like an Everest climb.

2. Establish a Schedule

Establish a schedule for the weekdays and the weekends. What hours of the day will you set aside for work or searching for work? What times will you set aside for housework, exercise, and fun time?

If you can, schedule time for personal development to learn a new skill or language. Absolutely put aside a few minutes a day to reflect on your accomplishments and what you’re grateful for. When you take the time to reflect on positive things, your productivity will increase.

3. Watch the Time

It’s easy to lose yourself in pointless activities just to pass the time. Pointless activities include playing video games, watching back-to-back streaming programs, or wasting time on social media.

Set a goal: you’ll watch one episode of a series and then go for a walk. You’ll play video games for 30 minutes and then cross something off your to-do list. When you watch how much time you’re spending on what you do, your productivity will increase.

4. Reward Yourself

Remember to reward yourself whenever you accomplish a task or keep to your schedule. Rewarding yourself is important for your mental health and positivity, especially during these times when there is so much to get stressed out about in the news.

Rewards can be simple. Reach out and call a friend. Watch a movie for family night. Have a chocolate (or a handful if you were super ambitious and got a lot done).


Staying productive during the pandemic is important for keeping positive. There is a lot that you could be negative about in these times. To maintain focus, set goals and a schedule, watch your time, and reward yourself.

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4 thoughts on “4 Tips to Stay Productive During the Pandemic

  1. Oh yeah, daily goals are so important. And just because you’ve followed your schedule today doesn’t mean that you’ll nail it tomorrow, so it’s important to always revisit your daily plans. Thanks for this!


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