Gratitude Quotes

Time to reflect! We’ve now completed the first three months of 2023, also known as Q1 in business circles. It’s also the end of another week. What are you grateful for? There are so many wonderful things: family, friends, the weekend, another fulfilling week… the list goes on. As we think about the things we’reContinue reading “Gratitude Quotes”

Setting Goals, Welcoming Spring

Welcome, spring! Flowers are blooming and waking up from winter, nature’s signal that it’s time to assess where we are and where we want to be. Take a moment to assess where you’ve come from and where you want to go. What are your personal goals for the coming months? It can be setting yourContinue reading “Setting Goals, Welcoming Spring”

6 Steps to Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Here’s the scary truth: leaving your comfort zone is HARD. You’re living your nightmare in real life. But if you don’t take the first steps to challenge yourself or allow yourself to feel vulnerable, you will never leave your comfort zone. When you leave your comfort zone, you grow. You’ll open yourself to new experiencesContinue reading “6 Steps to Leaving Your Comfort Zone”

5 Ways to Get People to Remember You

Let’s make lasting impressions because you’re easy to remember and hard to forget. Whether it’s a social situation, a job interview, or a business situation, you want people to speak with you because they like you and you created a strong initial impression. To help you achieve that goal, here are five ways to getContinue reading “5 Ways to Get People to Remember You”

Self-Care Tips Based on Your Personality Type

We’re updating a previously published blog about self-care during quarantine and the pandemic. Now, with rising prices and inflation, self-care is just as important. All around us, we are facing the rising costs of everything, from food to household items, and big-ticket items that are further out of reach, such as vacations and housing. YouContinue reading “Self-Care Tips Based on Your Personality Type”