The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Home Office

At first, it seemed like he was attending the Zoom meeting from an exotic tropic location. The window to his office was wide open, the palm trees behind him swaying to the breeze and his curtains brushing against him where he sat at his desk. Technology has become so advanced that you don’t need fancyContinue reading “The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Home Office”

Fashion Trends, Virtual Meetings, and 3D Digital Projections

Fitness and comfort have influenced the fashion style of work from home (WFH). As technology continues to make working from home more commonplace, it won’t be as necessary to pack a suitcase for a business trip. In the near future, we could be going to work in a digital outfit. Two years ago, when theContinue reading “Fashion Trends, Virtual Meetings, and 3D Digital Projections”

How to Succeed at Live Interactive Presentations

When was the last time you spoke in front of a live audience? Do you feel nervous about public speaking? Or do you get a shot of adrenaline from the experience? Last week I gave an interactive, virtual presentation to a live audience of over two hundred people. One of my biggest fears at suchContinue reading “How to Succeed at Live Interactive Presentations”

Virtual Meetings: Best Communication Practices

Virtual meetings existed as far back as the 1960s, but the pandemic made them a household word that people tend to love or hate.  Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx have become a regular part of our vocabulary as we conduct work meetings and job interviews online. Zoom parties have become a way toContinue reading “Virtual Meetings: Best Communication Practices”