5 Ways to Get People to Remember You

Let’s get people to hire you because they remember you and you’re hard to forget. As an entrepreneur, you want people to buy from you because they trust you and know your name. To help you achieve that goal, here are five ways to get people to remember you. 1 Say the Other Person’s NameContinue reading “5 Ways to Get People to Remember You”

How to Get Hired by Adding Value

Recently, people have been losing jobs by the thousands, so the competition you face for getting a job is fierce. How can you stand out and become the first choice with a potential employer or client? If you want to get hired for the long term, start by adding value. Networking and Relationship Building thatContinue reading “How to Get Hired by Adding Value”

How to Manage Your Time and Stay Productive

If you could control time, would you go back to change the past so you could revisit a memory or redo a mistake? How awesome it would be to freeze this moment and have all the minutes you need to do everything you want with hours to spare! Managing your time and staying productive wouldContinue reading “How to Manage Your Time and Stay Productive”

What Should You Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn

Regret is a powerful motivator. Recently my memories seemed to morph into the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. I thought about the career I used to have, and how stable and comfortable that job had been. It was my dream job, but things changed and I found myself looking for a new career.Continue reading “What Should You Do If Your Career Takes A Wrong Turn”

Entrepreneurs: Develop a Wealth Mindset by Reading Robb Report

Why did you become an entrepreneur? You most likely wanted a challenge, income security, financial success, or you weren’t happy with your situation at work. No matter what your reason, developing a wealth mindset is important to becoming successful as an entrepreneur. One way to develop that mindset is by reading Robb Report. What isContinue reading “Entrepreneurs: Develop a Wealth Mindset by Reading Robb Report”