How to Work with an Editor: A Guide

You’ve finished your manuscript and you’re ready to work with an editor for the first time. You’re not sure what to expect; in fact, you’re a little apprehensive. What if the editor thinks your writing is bad and shouldn’t be published? What if the editor reviews your story and you don’t like the feedback? WorkingContinue reading “How to Work with an Editor: A Guide”

How Technology Has Changed How We Communicate

How often have you sent an urgent text and impatiently waited for a reply? Texting etiquette says we should respond within a few hours at most – assuming we didn’t (gasp) forget our phone at home. Technology has changed the way we communicate, from the speed of communication to the quality of communication. Gone areContinue reading “How Technology Has Changed How We Communicate”

Why Is Editing Important?

If you do any writing for your job or business, you need to read this. Editing is an important step in the writing process, and it’s more than checking for typos. A lot more because of what’s at stake. Editing can prevent the awkward situations that result from typos, and it can prevent confusion fromContinue reading “Why Is Editing Important?”

Why Punctuation Is Important: Humor and Horror

What if you want to ask someone a question but you shout at them instead? A typo with your punctuation can be a minor mistake in some cases, but in others, your punctuation can change the meaning of your words. Here are some examples that show why punctuation is important. In these cases, the resultContinue reading “Why Punctuation Is Important: Humor and Horror”

What Are the Four Stages of Editing?

Thinking of hiring an editor? You wouldn’t make a major purchase without becoming a bit of an expert on the topic yourself, so you shouldn’t hire an editor without first learning some editing basics. Learning the lingo is essential to getting on the same page with the editor you want to work with, and toContinue reading “What Are the Four Stages of Editing?”