Why Punctuation Is Important: Humor and Horror

What if you want to ask someone a question but you shout at them instead? A typo with your punctuation can be a minor mistake in some cases, but in others, your punctuation can change the meaning of your words. Here are some examples that show why punctuation is important. In these cases, the resultContinue reading “Why Punctuation Is Important: Humor and Horror”

What Are the Four Stages of Editing?

Thinking of hiring an editor? Just like you wouldn’t make a major purchase (like a computer, car, or house) without first becoming a bit of an expert on the topic yourself, you shouldn’t hire an editor without learning some editing basics first. Learning the lingo is essential to get on the same page with theContinue reading “What Are the Four Stages of Editing?”

6 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills Fast

What if all your communication was through written messages? How efficiently and clearly would you be able to communicate your thoughts? For those of us with poor or average writing skills, workplace writing tasks can be challenging and intimidating. But you can improve your writing skills by following these habits. Here are six ways toContinue reading “6 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills Fast”