AI Replacing and Creating Jobs: It’s Happening with Ads

Recently people have been discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) is either enhancing our abilities to do our jobs or is threatening to replace jobs. Now there is a case of a business using AI instead of hiring humans to do the work. The advertising agency WPP and chipmaker Nvidia are using generative artificial intelligence toContinue reading “AI Replacing and Creating Jobs: It’s Happening with Ads”

Getting ChatGPT to Do My Job For a Day

With so much talk about ChatGPT replacing jobs (which is in fact a true concern). I wondered if ChatGPT could do my job for a day. (Mostly because it was the weekend and it’s more challenging to work on the weekend.) I asked it to do a couple of tasks. Here are some results. TaskContinue reading “Getting ChatGPT to Do My Job For a Day”

Chatgpt and AI: A Threat to Jobs?

The other day I had a most dreadful experience: the day after making a mistake at work, I was called into a meeting with the bosses. I thought I was in trouble. Instead, the opposite happened. They wanted me to try something that might help me to do my job better.  While feeling relieved thatContinue reading “Chatgpt and AI: A Threat to Jobs?”