Remote-Friendly vs. Remote-First: What is the Difference — MiddleMe

Every company works differently to match the industry and operational goals they have. Some run the entire operations in the office; others run a remote-only operation, while a few focus on using either remote-friendly or remote-first models. Many often refer to both remote-friendly and remote-first work models as hybrid work, but they are pretty different […]Continue reading “Remote-Friendly vs. Remote-First: What is the Difference — MiddleMe”

4 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills Fast

Do you prefer to text or write to the people you communicate with? How efficiently and clearly would you be able to communicate your thoughts? Workplace writing tasks can be challenging and intimidating for those with poor or average writing skills. However, you can bring your writing skills up a level by following these habits.Continue reading “4 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills Fast”

Skills Insight of the Day #2 – Dating

Online dating requires a specific skill set, just like job interviews and resume writing do, wouldn’t you agree? You need to find photos that show off the very best qualities of your appearance, personality, and what you like to do. No selfies, group shots, blurry shots, sunglasses or covering your face shots. Writing a profileContinue reading “Skills Insight of the Day #2 – Dating”

Storytelling at Work: Giving the Presentation They’ll Always Remember

Stories are a powerful motivator, wouldn’t you agree? You see the world through the storyteller’s eyes, feel what they feel, and rise when they rise to success. It’s emotional storytelling and compelling presentations like these that you always remember. But what’s the secret ingredient to keeping you engaged from start to finish? The audience’s levelContinue reading “Storytelling at Work: Giving the Presentation They’ll Always Remember”