Powerful Persuasive Writing Tips You Should Know

When was the last time you saw an ad or read an article that persuaded you to buy something you didn’t even need? Well-crafted words can be powerful enough to influence your decisions. This writing skill is worth developing in your professional and personal life. Here are some powerful, persuasive writing tips you should knowContinue reading “Powerful Persuasive Writing Tips You Should Know”

Should You Quit Your Job and Become a Freelancer?

Taking control of your work schedule and workload and becoming your own boss has its appeal, but is that life for you? Should you become a self-employed freelancer? If you’re undecided about starting a freelancing business, ask yourself the following questions. You may surprise yourself with your readiness to take your career in a newContinue reading “Should You Quit Your Job and Become a Freelancer?”

Signs You’re a Bad Writer… and How to Improve

(Repost) What is a bad writer? I’ve looked at over a handful of articles in search of an explanation of what makes a bad writer, and everyone seems to have a different point of view. Some say it’s the attitude to writing, and others say it’s poor writing skills, such as bad grammar and punctuation.Continue reading “Signs You’re a Bad Writer… and How to Improve”

Why Modifiers are Important: Humor and Horror

What if you want to make an innocent comment only to sound like a weirdo instead? Jumbling up the order of your words can create some awkward misunderstandings.  Misplaced modifiers are words, phrases, or clauses that have been separated from the word it describes. These misplaced modifiers can change the meaning of what you intendContinue reading “Why Modifiers are Important: Humor and Horror”

Improving Your Writing Skills for Work

Writing is as important as speaking in the workplace. Whether you compose emails, write direct messages, draft reports, or compose speeches for presentations, clear writing can convey your ideas and avoid confusion. Many don’t find it easy to write well. School doesn’t prepare you to write clear and concise emails and messages for work. AsContinue reading “Improving Your Writing Skills for Work”