Metaphor vs Simile vs Analogy: What is the Difference Between Them?

If you could paint a picture with words, what would that image look like? Writers use many literary devices to raise the quality of their descriptions from good to amazing. Three of these devices are metaphor, simile, and analogy. What are these three devices, and what is the difference between each of them? Let’s takeContinue reading “Metaphor vs Simile vs Analogy: What is the Difference Between Them?”

Signs You’re a Bad Writer… and How to Improve

What is a bad writer? I’ve looked at over a handful of articles in search of an explanation of what makes a bad writer, and everyone seems to have a different point of view. Some say it’s the attitude to writing, and others say it’s poor writing skills, such as bad grammar and punctuation. WritingContinue reading “Signs You’re a Bad Writer… and How to Improve”

What is Copywriting?

Stellar copywriting grabs your attention, pushes your buttons, and persuades you to buy a product or service. Good copywriting gets you hooked when you read the first word, but great copywriting is what keeps you reading until the last. So what is copywriting? It’s more than just putting a bunch of words together on aContinue reading “What is Copywriting?”

Should You Become a Freelancer and Start a Freelancing Business?

Have you heard of terms like gig economy, freelancing, and side business? It seems to be the trend these days to make a side income if you aren’t making enough income at your regular job. The idea of becoming your own boss and working when you want at the beach does have its dreamy appeal,Continue reading “Should You Become a Freelancer and Start a Freelancing Business?”

Writing Skills that Entrepreneurs and Santa Would Crave?

Would you feel more comfortable crafting a handwritten letter or sending a quick text? Most likely you answered “text” because most of us feel a bit out of practice when it comes to writing by hand. In fact, our writing skills (by hand or keyboard) has been declining each generation! A perfect example of thisContinue reading “Writing Skills that Entrepreneurs and Santa Would Crave?”