Best Reasons for Handwritten Messages

Would you feel more comfortable crafting a handwritten letter or sending a quick text? Most likely you answered “text” because it’s fast and autocorrect finishes some of your words! Meanwhile, where is that stationery when you need it? Sadly, our writing skills (by hand or keyboard) have declined each generation! A perfect example of thisContinue reading “Best Reasons for Handwritten Messages”

Insights From Bestsellers: Friends and Fortune

If you had the power to save your friend’s life, what would you do to change their fortune? Writers have the power to change lives with the use of words. A simple message, such as “It’s over,” can break a person’s heart. Words like “I love you” can bring sunshine and everlasting warmth. Writing complimentsContinue reading “Insights From Bestsellers: Friends and Fortune”

Grammar, Real Language, Books, and the Movies: An Editor’s Dilemma

A copy editor’s job is to correct the grammar in a novel. But what if the grammar is wrong, yet authentic? An author whose first language isn’t English caught a mistake in his novel and asked me what the correct grammar was. I told him the translator he hired had used authentic dialogue in theContinue reading “Grammar, Real Language, Books, and the Movies: An Editor’s Dilemma”

Insights from Bestsellers: Pandas and Punctuation

Does punctuation matter? The answer can be found in this story about a panda that walked into a cafe, ordered a sandwich, ate it, and fired a gun into the air. Why did the panda do such a thing? The answer lies in a badly punctuated manual with a definition of “panda”: “Large black-and-white bear-likeContinue reading “Insights from Bestsellers: Pandas and Punctuation”